Merida Trajan Arch

An entrance arch, possibly to the provincial forum. It was located in the Cardo Maximus, one of the main streets of the city and connected it to the municipal forum.
Made of granite and originally faced with marble, it measures 13.97 meters high, 5.70 m wide and 8.67 m internal diameter. It is believed to have a triumphal character, although it could also serve as a prelude to the Provincial Forum. Immersed in the maze of modern construction and masked by nearby houses, this arch stands majestically and admired by travelers and historians of all times. Its name is arbitrary, as the commemorative inscription was lost centuries ago.MERIDA_GATE__IMG_1619 MERIDA_GATE__IMG_1618MERIDA_GATE__IMG_1483 MERIDA_GATE__IMG_1481 MERIDA_GATE__IMG_1482