Visit April 2017

Mainz has a rich roman history as military fortress.

Some sites are still visible such as the theatre (not very well maintained alas) and the excellent maintained, not so long ago discovered, Isis temple, an undergroundsmall museum in a shopping mall with the applicable name Romer Passage.

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Ceuclum, het hedendaagse Cuijk, was een Romeinse nederzetting in de provincie Neder-Germanië (Germania Inferior). Ceuclum staat vermeld op de Peutinger kaart (Tabula Peutingeriana) tussen Blariacum ((Hout-)Blerick) en Noviomagi (Nijmegen).

Het stadje houdt de herinnering aan Ceuclum in ere, met vele verwijzingen en een leuk klein gratis museum in de oude toren.



Finished for now!

And the job is done! 308 pages, thousands of photos, all my material on ancient sites is online, categorized, in correct hierarchy and the best quality I can achieve with the raw material!

Now up to visit more ancient sites to add to the pages!  Notably missing and nearby are the Louvre, Britisch Musem, Vienna, Bruxelles to name a few museums, France and Spain is filled with ancient sites to  explore and Rome, Italy is tempting ….


Ancient sites I have visited

Ancient sites fascinate me. The quiet remains in remote locations in large cities, or in musea, are the link between us and the long gone people that lived and thrived there and left their marks to history and our current society.

Ancient for me means at least 1500 years ago:  neolithic, greek , roman, chinese, egyptian.

Hope you enjoy my photographs of the sites, artefacts like tickets and postcards and leaflets, and small stories mostly stolen from wikipedia.